The process + the maker

From start to finish our one-of-a-kind dolls and sewn wares are crafted by hand, my hands to be exact. I focus on using materials like linen, cotton and wool to create natural and wondrous products that can be loved by children and adults alike.



Hey there, I'm Theresa Morrow. I'm the maker behind Thread+Love. I've been sewing since I was young, and like so many before me, the craft was passed on to me by my mother. And now as a mother to two little ones I'm once again embracing my love for sewing and creating from my home studio in the college town of Kent, Ohio. 

When my daughter was born in 2013 I wanted to create something for her that she would treasure for a lifetime. A playmate that was unique and was made out of natural materials. That was when I made my first doll, and I was hooked. That very same night I stayed up into the wee hours and made one for my son as well. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I embraced this new found passion to begin selling at a few local markets. And now somehow, I've landed my face on this website with the opportunity to share my work with all of you.

I'm passionate about creating natural, one-of-a-kind creations for old and young alike.    


The Process

Each and every Thread+Love doll is thoughtfully created by hand. I always start with the face. As I embroider each face by hand the doll's personality begins to take shape. Once I add some hair I really start to get a sense of what the doll is going to look like, what clothes to make and what accessories to add.

Fabrics are carefully chosen from a mix of new and vintage materials. Dolls are stuffed with wool purchased from a local mill. Seams are triple stitched to ensure durability and longevity. And dolls are finished one at a time to create something truly unique and special.

And my greatest source of inspiration? You! I've been so influenced by working with customers to create custom dolls and through our many conversations, both in person and online. So thank you!



The Materials

Each doll is stuffed with that fluffy white stuff you see to the left, wool. Wool has so many great qualities, it holds its shape really well, it's all natural, low flammability. It's pretty much my favorite material to work with because it creates a very firm doll that has more weight to it than one stuffed with a poly fill. Some people shy away from a wool stuffed product because it isn't machine washable, but not to worry, here are instructions on how to clean your T+L doll

The felt used for the dolls' hair and other accessories is a wool blend felt. It is made from the wool of merino sheep making it strong and resistant to pilling.

I love to collect fabric from a variety of sources, thrifted, gifted, vintage and new. I tend to use primarily linen and cotton for the dolls' bodies and clothing. Finding little odd and end pieces of trim or vintage buttons allows me to add to the uniqueness of each doll.

Please note that due to their handmade nature our dolls are intended for gentle play by ages 4 and over.