Evie the Stargazer

Evie the Stargazer


This doll is made to order and may take 1 -2 weeks before shipping.

To some Evie may seem like a daydreamer. By day she wanders around her parent’s farm making friends with the frogs and stroking the hoses' manes. But she prefers the nighttime.

Each night after her mama and papa tuck her in tight, turn off the light, and gently close the door she sneaks out of bed and opens her curtains wide.  

You see, Evie loves the stars. She loves counting them. She loves tracking their movement through the vast sky and she loves studying them up close through the telescope her grandpa gave her. But most of all she loves imagining flying high among them.


Her features include:

  • Summer constellation map with carrying bag
  • 100% virgin wool stuffing.
  • High-quality linen and cotton fabrics for her body and clothing.
  • Hand embroidered face.
  • Hair made from a merino wool blend felt.
  • Measures approximately 17 1/2 inches.

This doll is ideal for gentle play by ages 4 - 104.

How to care for this doll.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.



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